When 72 per cent of recruiting leaders worldwide agree that employer brand has a significant impact on hiring, it’s time to look at what to do about yours.

The link between employer brand and recruitment

No doubt you often consider what clients and customers think about your company, but what about your employees and future hires? Research shows that this perception, known as your ‘employer brand’, matters much more than you might think. In fact, it can have a dramatic impact on your ability to attract and retain quality candidates.

According to LinkedIn research, 75 per cent of job seekers will consider what it’s like to work at an organisation before even applying for a job.

There’s ample evidence that a strong employer brand can improve hiring metrics, too, with those companies seeing 50 per cent more quality applicants, a cost-per-hire reduction of 50 per cent and a faster time-to-hire.

It also found that the biggest obstacle candidates experience when searching for a job is not knowing what it’s like to work at an organisation.

Candidates trust a company’s employees to provide credible info on what it’s like to work there three times more than they trust the company itself. That makes your employer brand a crucial aspect of your hiring strategy.

Why employer brand matters to tech talent

In a competitive environment where you’re all fishing from the same shallow talent pool, building a reputation that ticks all the boxes is important. So how can you make sure you’re leaving a positive impression?

Firstly, it’s essential to understand what your target employees are looking for in a role – what are their main drivers for choosing one employer over another? Tailor your messaging and offering to this.

According to research by Seek, the key drivers of attraction for ICT and technology workers are:

  1. Salary and compensation
  2. Work / life balance
  3. Career and development opportunities.

Most candidates will seek out (1) your website and (2) social media channels to learn more about your business. That includes employer review sites like Glassdoor and Seek.

Once they get to interview stage, your recruitment processes can speak volumes about what it’s like to actually work with your organisation. Whether they land a role or not, candidates do share their experiences and recommendations on where to apply.

Nurturing a strong employer brand

As a hiring manager, you can have an impact on your employer brand every time you meet with potential prospects.

Delivering a good candidate experience from start to finish is an effective way to present your company in the most desirable light. And when the talent you’re vying for has a range of options to choose from, this could give you the edge you need to sway their decision-making in your favour.

For the most part, this entails a more strategic, organised approach. Working with an expert industry recruiter can help you nurture a strong employer brand and find the right talent for your business.

Here are four quick things you can do to help nurture your company’s employer brand when recruiting:

1. Connect with top talent ahead of time

Start nurturing relationships with potential employees ahead of time. It will give you a chance to communicate your employee value proposition and what separates you from the competition. It also shows you care about building the best team and improving your company’s prospects, which can only help to position you more favourably. If you don’t have time in your day for this, work with a specialist recruiter who can build these relationships with top talent on your behalf.

2. Create a positive interview process

Put interviewees front and centre throughout the interview process. Be organised with scheduling to avoid hiccups and establish a clear hiring process with your recruiter.

3. Provide feedback

It’s hard to overstate the importance of regular, structured feedback – an area where companies often fall short. Good candidates have come to expect timely follow-ups after each interview stage and they’re a useful way to gauge their interest and address any concerns.

4. Track progress

Keeping an eye on the most important hiring metrics: applicants per hire, time to fill, offer/acceptance ratios and, of course, candidate experience, will provide you with a clear picture of how you’re faring. While dips and troughs can help to pinpoint weak spots, if the data looks good you can be confident your employer brand does too. Your recruiter can help you measure and understand these numbers.

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