Wondering what’s shaking up the tech landscape this year and beyond? We took a deep dive into Deloitte’s ‘Tech Trends 2018’ report to highlight five key trends predicted to change the way we live and work in the not-so-distant future.

Data redefined

In an age where we have more data than ever, this year is set to see a modernising of the ways in which companies access, manage and use data. This includes the emergence of tools to assist the extraction and connection of quality data from a variety of sources, to the development of sophisticated data architecture that will enable deeper, more comprehensive insights. It’s a shift that will make data more accessible within companies, while still ensuring it remains compliant.

Re-engineering the role of tech

With so much disruption occurring in the digital space, technology is becoming an increasingly important function within organisations of every kind. As a result, businesses are having to re-think their current models and processes around IT. This trend is one that will see tech no longer siloed but integrated into departments across businesses and playing a bigger role in their overall strategy. This alternate delivery model will see technology used to improve processes and achieve better outcomes across businesses.

A changing workforce

The workplace of the future is one that will see humans and machines working alongside each another – and it’s taking place now. Artificial intelligence, cognitive technologies, and automation are changing the way we work and are already starting to redefine roles and responsibilities in organisations and flipping the role of HR on its head. From virtual workers and bots to digital tools and software, intelligent automation will help increase productivity, innovation and efficiency within businesses.

Broader adoption of blockchain

The potential of blockchain is slowly being realised by businesses and individuals alike. It’s a trend reflected in the early stages of broader blockchain adoption occurring across a vast array of industries and geographies. CoTalentkchain gives users the ability to share and trade information securely and selectively and to own and control their own content and personal information. An example of this is the CoTalentkchain Insurance Industry Initiative (B3i), which saw insurers and reinsurers collaborate to explore the potential of blockchain on an industry and peer level.

Digital reality

Bringing together immersive technologies, virtual reality, augmented reality, mixed reality and 360-degree video, digital reality is a trend set to change how we engage with technology in the future. It’ll drive the transition from screen interfaces to those controlled by voice, gaze and gestures. From gaming and entertainment to a variety of applications in the workplace, this year sees businesses move digital reality into both product development and the early stages of industrialisation.

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