Meet Alec Fleming a Consultant in our UK office.

A few months into the role he tells us about his career and the success he has already had with CoTalent.

Q – What did you do before recruitment?

A – Recruitment software sales and before that, umbrella payroll solutions sales.


Q – Why did you get into recruitment?

A – To make as much money as possible… I had a few friends that were in the industry before me and always thought it was the career I needed to have.


Q – Why CoTalent?

A – Like a start-up but not, great bosses, great possibilities and a huge opportunity for success.


Q – What surprised you about the role?

A – How self-fulfilling it is when you do the entire 360 cycle, you of course get the financial benefit, but also each placement is a lesson and there are always little signs for how you can improve and do better/more moving forward.


Q – What do you love about it?

A – The opportunity for actual success, a lot of interviewers for recruitment companies try to sell the dream, Mat and Roman were very open and honest and have not changed in their approach to this day. Everything they say to me is a fantastic help and each day I am learning and growing as a consultant. Ultimately, they are ensuring my success (it feels like).


Q – Please tell us a bit about your success so far with the company and what the future holds.

A – I have made placements already, 3 in one quarter which I think was pretty unexpected for someone without any experience, now I want to make more than 3 in a month, then more than that and more than that etc. Essentially never stop improving and making the company (and myself) more money – I would like to repay Mat and Roman for taking a chance on hiring me.


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