You’ve got a great shortlist of candidates and the next step is to hold job interviews.

Not sure where to start? Here are our tips to make the process easier and help you choose the right person for the job.

1. Have key questions ready.

Putting together some key questions can help guide an interview. (Don’t be afraid to stray from these, as they can be a starting point to drive further conversation.) Try to steer clear of clichéd questions. Instead, draw them from real-life scenarios and challenges you and your team face.

2. Be prepared.

Construct a general agenda for the interview and ensure you know a little about each candidate and their experience before meeting them. This will make the interview more personalised and allow you to cover off any specific questions you may have.

3. Practice good communication.

Good communication is the mark of a good employer. Whether it’s scheduling interview times or providing feedback – be timely and clear in communicating with candidates. Top talent won’t wait around, especially in this high demand market.

4. Be present.

Put aside your mobile, hold the emails, and make interviews a disruption-free zone. Give each candidate your full attention. It’s the respectful thing to do and will also give you a much better sense of each candidate.

5. Encourage the candidate to ask questions.

Job interviews are a two-way street. Candidates are assessing whether they are the right fit for your business, as much as you are. Give them the opportunity to ask questions, if they have any.=

6. Don’t rush interviews.

Allocate a generous amount of time to each interview. Give candidates the space to respond to big questions thoughtfully and in detail. Rushed interviews can make candidates feel pressured and more nervous than they already are.

7. Listen.

It can be easy to spend a large part of an interview talking about the company and the role you are seeking to fill. However, try to step back and focus on the candidate and actively listen to their responses. Ask open-ended questions. Engage them in a discussion. Take notes. Get to know them on a deeper, more human level. You’ll gain much insight into who they are and how they work through this type of dialogue.

8. Be honest.

Of course, sell the job you’re seeking to fill! Share all the positives but don’t neglect to touch on some of the challenges they may face too. That way, candidates have a full picture of what the role is about and – should you hire them ­– be ready to embrace all its facets.

9. Give feedback.

Always, always, always give your recruitment consultant feedback about the candidates you interview, good and back. Providing feedback is really important, as it will help your consultant better understand your needs and find you the right matches, now and in the future.

10. Act quickly

If you’ve found a candidate who ticks all the boxes, don’t delay. Good candidates are snapped up fast so get that offer to them as soon as possible.

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